Distribution Locations

Coffee News is distributed through over 325 Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Doctor & Dentist waiting rooms between Hampton and Grand Bay. Scroll down to see a detailed list of locations.

[su_tabs][su_tab title=”Zone A – Hampton/KV Area”]

Zone A – Hampton/KV Area

Start in Hampton
Cozy Corner
Pizza Delight
Robin’s Donuts/Capt.Sub
Angelo’s Pizza
Holly’s Restaurant
McDonalds KV at the Esso
Amsterdam Inn
Daly’s Convenience
KVHS Library
KV Hearing Center
Dr. Sherrard (dentist)
BMO Bank
KV Lanes
Sports Medicine
Angelo’s Pizza
Pizza Delight
Jungle Jim’s
Dairy Queen
Pettingal Dental
A & W
Oakville Dentail Clinic
Kuinshoeve Meats
Peddlers’ Creek
Vito’s Restaurant
Thai Hut
Deluxe Fish & Chips
Greco Pizza
KV Laundry
Cookie Crumb
Quik-Way Convenience
Professional Centre
St. Hubert’s
Healthy Path
KV Auto
Shell Convenience & Gas
Irving Big Stop Restaurant
Park Plaza Restaurant .
Dr. Bonner 591

[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Zone B – EAST SJ”]

Zone B – EAST SJ

Ideal Amusements
Golden Wok
Boston Pizza
Skyes Call Centre
Jade City Restaurant
Played Out Fun Center
Pita Pit
Pappa John’s
A & W
Munchies Frozen Yogurt
KFC/Taco Bell
Best Western
East Side Mario’s
Pizza Delight
Deluxe Fish & Chips
Dairy Queen
Mother Natures
Mediterranean Rest.
Burger King
Money Mart
East Coast Bar & Grill
Sitel Loch Lomond Mall
Dr. Collins Superstore
Owen’s Hearing Center
Dr. Brittain
Pizza Delight
Atlantica Centre
Yorgo’s Rest
Dr. McDermott
Community Health
St. Joseph’s Hospital Admissions
Blood Lab
X-ray waiting room
5th floor

[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Zone C”]

Zone C

Money Mart
Dr. Johnson/Dr. Davidge
Dr. Bakota
Dr. Shannon
Julius Pizza
Style & Tan
Princess Street Laundramat
Dr. Wowchuck
Mexicali Rosa
The Feel Good Store
Taco Pica
Design Freedom Hair
Dr. Reid
Royal Hair Design
Dr. Elias-Hill
Dr. Farrell
Taste Of Egypt
Tanner Bed & Breakfast
Atlantic Eye Laser
Adanac Club
Jungle Jim’s
Dr. Taylor
Chateau Hotel
Pizza Hut
Deluxe Fish & Chips
Dr. Doherty
Booster Juice
Dr. Chaisson
Aquatic Center
Dr. Quinlan
City Hall Info Desk
Grannan’s Rest
A & W
Dr. Joshi
Dr. Onuora
Dairy Queen
Dr. Shqir/Dr. Bower
Dr. Reardon
Copper Penny
Dr. Sheppard
Robins Donuts
Silhouette Day Spa
Thai Hut
Millidgeville Ortho & Sports
Dr. Keating
Dr. Holburn
Dr. Bessoudo
Kennebec Manor
Air Canada

[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Zone D”]

Zone D

Pub Down Under
Garden Breeze
Dr. Patterson/O’Brien
Grampy’s Pizza
Dr. Garland
Medical Clinic
Deluxe Fish & Chips
Pizza Delight
Fairview Bowling
Fairview Bowling Rest
Friends Cafe
Dr. Tilley
Dr. Rae
David Bursey
Pain & Pleasure Tatto
Dr. Halford
Friendly’s/Pizza Shack
Deluxe Fish & Chips
Bayview Credit
Atlantic Heath Sceiences
D M Laudromat
Pizza Delight
Money Mart
Worker’s Rehab
AJ’s Quick Mart
Total Truck
Dr. Turcotte
Westside Physiotheraphy
Dr. Thornhill
Lancaster Dental Clinic
Bob’s Take Out
Papa John’s
China Kitchen
Fish & Brew’s
Burger King
Pizza Shack
Dr. Scott Welb
Dr. Clark
Pizza Delight
Highway Info Centre